Man’s Search for Marketing

|Man’s Search for Marketing

If you’ve been searching for the answer to business growth and are completely confused by all the conflicting information out there, you are certainly not alone. In the last ten years, digital marketing options have exploded making it overwhelming for most businesses. Marketing expenses? Well, they’ve also skyrocketed due to demand and competition. With so many options, costing so much money, the world of marketing has now become gridlocked.  This overwhelming confusion has forced many companies to surrender their campaigns to marketing agencies. Small businesses unable to afford the local marketing agency fees have become DIY marketers, running their businesses, building websites and managing Google AdWords all at the same time. Our Blog series will provide a solution for man’s search for marketing. But before you are willing to embrace a solution, you must realize that there are indeed major problems in the world of marketing:

  • Problem 1 – The Giants Control Advertising Rates

    Have you seen Google’s stock prices lately? How about Facebook?  For that matter, check out the growth of any Internet content company who sells digital advertising. You’ll see their revenues are growing at unfathomable rates…

  • Problem 2 – Novices are Controlling Your Marketing Campaigns

    For the small business owner doing everything yourself, you already know how complicated things can be. When you started out, you didn’t think you’d be learning analytic software, website coding, social media and pay per click marketing…

  • Problem 3 – One Thousand Options and Zero Solutions

    You open your email inbox and there are two emails in your spam folder from India. They’re offering SEO for two hundred dollars a month. Checking your voicemail you receive a message from your local Yellow Page Company telling you it is time to renew…

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Follow along on our journey as we offer our insight on how to effectively focus and hone in on what works for you business’s marketing, and how to leverage those insights.  If followed effectively, the Four Step marketing method can create order, efficiency, and effectiveness to the chaos that is modern digital marketing.  Please join us for our next installment:  “The Giants Control Advertising Rates”.

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